Express Yourself

Art, Music, EFT, Mindfulness and Cognitive Therapy

Since every individual is unique, my way of helping people restore peace and balance in their lives, differs from person to person.

The following are some ways:


Music therapy for teens and adults is also a powerful medium. Poetry, with music accompaniment, or writing songs to express feelings, can help validate and externalize the mind’s thoughts and feelings. As well, listening to calming music while being guided through a meditation can help a person stop what they are thinking and bring them to a place of calm.

Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT)

I like using EFT as a modality for restoring balance. EFT acknowledges thoughts, feelings and sensations in the body. It acknowledges present day stresses and helps a person express them while at the same time, being in a relaxed state. This is done by the person tapping on their acupuncture points of their upper body.

Talk Therapy

In all situations, I encourage people to externalize their thoughts. In doing so, one can clarify what is happening internally. This then enables the person, with my help, to chart a plan and take steps towards their journey of healing.

Other Creative Mediums

When words are sometimes difficult to express, painting, drawing and clay can be used as a creative means of expressing inner thoughts and feelings.

Ultimately, like any form of healing, therapy takes time and effort.
But the results are worth it!

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