Child Therapy in Eastern Ontario

Overcome the behavioural issues that are keeping your child from being the happy, loving, empowered person they already are.

How much easier it would be if tantrums led to growth instead of feelings of shame and helplessness? Or, if everyday frustrations strengthened your connection instead of digging emotional trenches?

It’s not only possible, but it’s probably easier than you think.

When you have a difficult relationship with your child, it can feel like there’s judgement everywhere. From teachers, other parents, extended family …and worst of all, from yourself. It makes surviving the day – let alone planning for tomorrow – a pretty tall task.

That’s where I can help. My name is Kathleen Panela-Séguin, and for 25 years I’ve been helping children, adults, and families find tools and strategies to grow and thrive together. I believe that better engagement and communication is the ultimate solution, not threats and punishments.

Asking for help can be hard, but I promise you, it’s never the wrong answer.

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How I Work

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My Philosophy

About Me

If your child is struggling with any of these issues,
herapy could be part of the answer.

  • withdrawing, hiding, or having difficulties making friends
  • kicking, punching, or swearing at school or home
  • a barely audible voice that’s getting even quieter
  • getting sick often and missing a lot of school
  • harming themselves or having suicidal thoughts
  • high levels of anxiety, stress, or grief

Here’s what therapy can do:

  • allow your child to open up and express their emotions and experiences.
  • find and resolve underlying causes of behavioural problems.
  • help your child learn to regulate their emotions and healthily express their needs
  • help you and your child develop tools to cope with the stress and difficult emotions caused by behavioural problems
  • create a relationship dynamic of trust, empathy, forgiveness and love
  • support you and your family throughout the healing process

Dealing with your child’s behavioural issues can be scary and frustrating.
But you don’t have to go it alone – I’m here to help.

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